This site proves the power of Internet sales. The products on this, the manufactures, site are more expensive than any shop on the high street. However, this site continues to grow and sales continue to increase.

The Aga Lady

A very user-friendly site that sells Aga cooking equipment and books. Any aments or changes of the products can be easily changed in the shop’s back office. This site utilizes PayPal as the payment gateway.

Royalty Free

A high tech music download site that sells Royalty free music to a verity of sources. The technology provides the shopper with instant preview of hi definition sound and an instant download of the tracks when purchased. It utilizes World Pay as the method of taking payment.

Uptown Oil

A very good example of an information site. Not only does it promote the company but green issues as well. They need to keep the site up to date on a regular basis as the fuel prices change, this is done in house as and when required.

Absolute Events

Absolute Events is a great example of client editing. Since the site went live last year all the editing and updating has been done by staff with in the company. It is quick and easy to do which keeps the website fresh and up to date. It also saves the company money.